Wendy Krebsbach


Wendy Krebsbach has worked in the insurance industry her entire career. She started working for the St. Paul Companies from 1980 until 2005 when they merged with Travelers. She started in the Personal Lines department and through the years worked in their construction department as well as public sector and general commercial, ending up in accounting, discovering my true calling.

Wendy joined CoVerica in 2012, mostly for CoVerica Agency Alliance. She works closely with the Alliance Members and also handles the SIAA monthly report process, commission payments as well as bonus payments. (people are always nice to Wendy) She enjoys making individual relationships with each of the agents and their staff. Her goal is to assist them in any way possible to help them become more efficient and help them grow. Wendy was born and raised in Minnesota and moved to Texas in 1987 to escape Jack Frost. She’s been happily married for 33 years and has both a son and a daughter. Her son was born in Minnesota and lives there today, but her daughter is pure Texan! Wendy and her husband have a Harley Davidson and love riding all over Texas and to motorcycle rallies. She’s strictly a passenger and enjoy sitting on the back and relaxing.