Social Media Tips for your Agency

As a business, you need to be where your clients and prospects are. That place is social media.

Just about everyone has a social media profile on at least one platform. They use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various other sites to connect and keep up with friends and family. Setting up a profile for your agency will allow you to connect with your clients and future clients as you expand your reach.

While conventional lead generation methods, like networking events, are still effective, you can reach more people with less money using social media. In today’s blog we will go over some tips to help you make the most out of your social media marketing.

  1. Set Specific Goals. As with anything in business, it is imperative to set social media goals. These goals should give you something specific to work toward and provide the roadmap you need to get there. Creating specific goals will help you decide the steps you need to take to meet your agency’s needs. They can also help you measure your return on investment (ROI). A few examples could be: Grow your followers by 20%, Generate 25 leads from your social media accounts, Increase your post engagement by 50%. While it is always important to aim high, don’t be afraid to start small while you get acquainted to social media.
  2. Repost and Share Content from Others. You don’t have to come up with all your own original ideas to share on social media! Part of your goal should be to share and promote great content that others put out there. When a carrier (or CoVerica Agency Alliance 😉) shares something you find interesting or helpful, share it! It only takes a second, and it keeps your audience interested.
  3. Don’t Overcommit. While it is important to be active on the social media platforms that your target audience is using, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Choose a few key platforms that you have time to keep up with, and stay ACTIVE on them! Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to start professionally. Instagram can be successful with the right approach. Try starting with two or three that fit your audience and build from there. Where applicable (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), make sure to open a business account, as there are many business-specific features. Make sure your profiles are professional on every platform you use. Also include a brief bio that tells visitors who you are and what you have to offer.
  4. Create your Own Engaging Content. While it is a tip to repost and share content from others, you need to create and share your own content too. Creating engaging posts shows your knowledge and awareness of the latest news and information regarding insurance. Every platform requires a slightly different approach. Instagram is visual, while Facebook is an excellent medium for both written and visual content. LinkedIn requires a professional touch. Keep in mind that even though you’re marketing you insurance agency, you don’t want to be too salesy. The goal is to sell yourself without actually making a sales pitch. Educate and provide value for your followers.
  5. Create Video Content. Video content has become increasingly more popular in recent years. Short form videos (such as reels on Instagram or shorts on YouTube) are a key marketing strategy as they capture your audiences attention quickly and they will then go to your page to learn more. Make sure any videos that you create and post are relevant to your business and niche. Consider these facts:
  6. Focus on your Area of Expertise. While you might sell numerous types of insurance, market yourself for the few the you specialize in. Create content that focuses on your area(s) of expertise as this will help you build credibility and trust with your audience and establish you as the go-to agency for that area. The more unique and engaging your content, the more your audience will start to think of you as a leader in your field.
  7. Always Include a Call to Action. The best way to increase your reach and engagement in posts, is to include a call to action (CTA). You can’t sit back and hope that your followers will do what you want, you need a call to action to guide them. Make sure your CTA is specific. For example: “Sign up for our newsletter” “Get your personalized quote today” “Call us today to see if you qualify”. Aim to instill a sense of urgency in your audience. “Get your personalized quote today” implies more urgency than “Get a quote”. This can motivate your followers to respond to more of your calls to action.
  8. Be Consistent. Post Regularly. Keep communication with your followers open and consistent, but don’t share so much that you come across as desperate. However, a post once a week isn’t going to cut it either. Each platform has its own sweet spot. Track results and adjust as needed. According to Hootsuite, these are the ideal number of times a day (or week) to post for each platform.
    • Instagram: Post between 3-7 times per week.
    • Facebook: Post between 1-2 times a day.
    • Twitter: Post between 1-5 tweets a day.
    • LinkedIn: Post between 1-5 times a day.
  9. Be Social. Social media is all about conversations and relationships. Try to have an ongoing conversation with your followers. Ask questions that encourage their responses. When they respond to your posts, follow up. Be genuine, not salesy. This will strengthen your connection for when the sales opportunities come.
  10. Don’t Give Up. Creating an engaging brand on social media as an insurance agency isn’t the easiest thing to do. Just remember, your presence on social media is meant to help people and bring value to their lives. You’ll need to think long-term and take note of what’s working, as well as what isn’t. That will allow you to make adjustments to increase your success. It will take time to become consistent and grow your social channels. Don’t get discouraged and lose sight of the bigger picture. Time, effort, and perseverance are essential.

Rachel Sherman
Marketing Executive
CoVerica Agency Alliance