What is BIA?

Would you like to write more small business insurance? If you are a member of CoVerica Agency Alliance and/or SIAA, you have most likely heard of BIA before, but you may not know what BIA is. So, what is BIA?

BIA stands for Business Insurance Advantage. It is a program created by SIAA, for its members, to help you grow your small commercial book of business. Participants of the virtual training program are assigned a BIA mentor/instructor who will lead them through the proven self-study process – utilizing SIAA resources – education, training, marketing, and carrier access to efficiently grow a profitable small commercial book of business. BIA provides the building blocks for a successful commercial sales system with a step-by-step process that enables Member Agencies to create more income and agency value.

Hear what a couple of our members who have recently completed the BIA program have to say:

“Thank you so much, my son and I really enjoyed the program and would highly recommend enrolling. You will receive a wealth of knowledge on the commercial side of insurance.” – Tommy Chavez Sr.

“That BIA course was phenomenal!!! Every Agent should participate! Priceless knowledge and tips of the trade! We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate. Thank you CoVerica Agency Alliance and SIAA!” – Diana Crenshaw

Current member agents interested in completing the BIA program can reach out to your ADFS for more information.

Not a member agent, but interested in completing BIA? Contact us here

Rachel Sherman
Marketing Executive
CoVerica Agency Alliance