What Your Mad Dash for Holiday Cash SHOULD Look Like as a Small Business Owner

While the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of the year for retail businesses, in the service industry, such as insurance, it is not uncommon to see a lull in business from Thanksgiving to New Years. This lull can be a tough time to navigate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use the November and December months wisely. Here are a few ways you can navigate a slower holiday season and use this time strategically so that you can be ready to start strong when things pick back up come the new year.

Show Appreciation to Current Clients

The holiday season is the best time of year to show your clients how much you appreciate them. There are a lot of things that go into retaining a client, and sometimes, the smallest efforts go the longest way. Take some time out of the slower season and send out Christmas cards to your clients. You can use resources such as Vistaprint or Hallmark Business to create and order custom Christmas Cards to be sent out to your clients. To make them extra special, upload your signature to add to the cards!

Show Appreciation to Top Referral Partners

Referral partners are the lifeline to your business. It is important to constantly be nurturing the relationships with your Referral Sources. While you should be nurturing the relationship with your referral partners all year round, during the holiday season it is extra important! This holiday season, pick your top referral sources and HAND-DELIVER them a gift, such as a pie, gift basket, flowers, etc. Referral Rock has a list of great gift ideas for Referral partners. The most important part of gift giving with referral sources is to deliver the gift IN PERSON. This will really help solidify and nurture the relationship and keep you front of mind for when business picks back up.

Lean into your Content Marketing Efforts

Spending the holiday months investing more heavily in content could be a good way to keep your customers entertained and informed, and can help you acquire some new leads ahead of ramping business back up in the new year. Market research has shown that content consumption tends to increase during the holiday season, meaning that shifting your focus to lead nurturing and generation through creative campaigns could be a good way to keep your business front of mind, even if you’re not necessarily earning their business right away. Think of it as a time to lay the foundation for a stronger customer relationship down the road.

Market Research

You can also use the downtime for bigger, high-impact projects, like market research and long-term planning. Spend some of your time at the end of the year looking at industry trends and reflecting on how your business can better deliver in key market areas where gaps may exist. For example, if your agency current clientele is personal lines, you could look at how to increase your commercial lines clientele. By getting to know the market landscape and competition better you can start thinking of ways to make your business stand out and how to better market the unique value of your existing business.

These few strategic ideas can help you step up in areas where it matters most to remain front of mind and start the new year off strong.

Rachel Sherman
Marketing Executive
CoVerica Agency Alliance